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Friedrichs & Friends / Proofreading facebook

Friedrichs & Friends is a proofreading agency that specialises in correcting and editing advertising texts. That’s why we advertised in a place where advertising people can be found: on facebook. We showed decision makers just how good Friedrichs & Friends really is.

We created a facebook account, added lots of friends and joined advertising groups. We read lots of posts, corrected them and left a note: "In case you need help again:"

Within a short period of time we added more than 400 friends. Among them were advertising gurus like Andrew Robertson, Michael Conrad or Amir Kassaei. We got a lot of feedback from our facebook friends and their roughly 78,000 friends: direct responses to our corrections, numerous emails and even some new contracts. And, most importantly, a large part of the German advertising community discovered the expertise of Friedrichs & Friends. For a budget of exactly zero euros.

Agency: Jung von Matt/Spree
Executive Creative Direction: Mathias Stiller, Wolfgang Schneider.
Creative Directors: David Mously, Jan Harbeck.
Art Direction: Oskar Strauss.
Copyywriting: Alescha Lechner.